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Depersonalization and Derealization - Disordered

Depersonalization and Derealization - AKA "DP/DR"

This week Drew and Josh get into the nuts and bolts of this most common anxiety and stress response. This is the sense that you're not real, that you're detached from yourself, or that the world around you suddenly feels unreal or out of reach. As scary as this experience is, and as much as it is difficult to face, it is not permanent or dangerous and can't actually harm you. Adopting a more accepting and tolerant approach to DP/DR - allowing it to be there without fighting so hard or trying to figure it out - helps your brain learn that it's OK to leave it alone.

Over time this means you're not really frightened of the sensation any longer which makes it far less likely to hang around like it does now.


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Disclaimer: Disordered is not therapy or a replacement for therapy. Listening to Disordered does not create a therapeutic relationship between you and the hosts of the podcast. Information here is provided for psychoeducational purposes. As always, when you have questions about your own well-being, please consult your mental health and/or medical care providers. If you are having a mental health crisis, always reach out immediately for in-person help.


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