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Don't Panic

A leading international expert in panic and anxiety disorders, psychologist R. Reid Wilson, Ph.D., offers a straightforward, and remarkably effective self-help program for overcoming panic and coping with anxious fears.

Don’t Panic has established itself as the definitive book on learning how to overcome panic and anxiety. This revised and expanded third edition offers readers 50 pages of new material supported by the latest research in anxiety treatment. Updated topics include the use of medication, physical causes of panic-like symptoms, and panic associated with major health problems such as heart and lung disorders, as well as depression.

With insight and compassion, Dr. Wilson shows you:

  • how a panic attack happens

  • a detailed five-step strategy for controlling the moment of panic

  • how to master specific problem solving skills, breathing exercises, and focused thinking during anxiety provoking times

  • eleven ways to control the chronic muscle tensions that increase anxiety

  • techniques to master the two most common distresses: fear of flying and social anxiety

  • the most comprehensive evaluation of all medications currently recommended for anxiety disorders

  • the eight attitudes that promote recovery from anxiety disorders

  • how to establish reachable goals and gradually increase your involvement and enjoyment in life

More than 19 million Americans suffer from anxiety. It is one of the most treatable disorders, but only about one-third of sufferers ever receive treatment. Don't Panic offers helpful information and strategies for those struggling to cope.



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