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How do I Accept Anxiety? - Disordered

Accepting anxiety and acceptance are two of the most difficult to grasp and misapplied concepts in the entire anxiety recovery sphere. This week on Disordered, Josh and Drew dig into the idea of acceptance.

What is accepting? How do I accept anxiety? What happens when I accept? What things are most certainly NOT acceptance?

As usual, this episode combines professional knowledge and training, professional experience, personal lived experience, and big helpings of both compassion and humor to shed some light on an important part of the anxiety recovery process. We hope you find it useful in some way.


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Disclaimer: Disordered is not therapy or a replacement for therapy. Listening to Disordered does not create a therapeutic relationship between you and the hosts of the podcast. Information here is provided for psychoeducational purposes. As always, when you have questions about your own well-being, please consult your mental health and/or medical care providers. If you are having a mental health crisis, always reach out immediately for in-person help.

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