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Panic...Attack? - Disordered


This week on Disordered Drew and Josh deconstruct the idea of a panic attack. It sure feels like you're being attacked, but are you? Is there a more useful and accurate way to frame what's happening? Do we find power when we stop looking at panic as a force that swoops in to attack us?

The guys chat about how a panic "attack" is really an adrenaline surge based on natural, expected, bodily functions. It's not dangerous and not indicative of an actual problem, just a misguided threat detection system in your brain. The conversation goes through why panic attacks are all the same from a physiology perspective and how its the context and the interpretation that makes them feel different or sometimes "worse".

This can be a really useful reframe for anyone struggling to overcome recurring panic attacks or panic disorder so grab a beverage and a comfortable chair and have a listen.

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Disclaimer: Disordered is not therapy or a replacement for therapy. Listening to Disordered does not create a therapeutic relationship between you and the hosts of the podcast. Information here is provided for psychoeducational purposes. As always, when you have questions about your own well-being, please consult your mental health and/or medical care providers. If you are having a mental health crisis, always reach out immediately for in-person help.

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