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The Attitude Shift - Disordered

This week on Disordered, Josh and Drew talk about the all-important attitude shift that has to happen as part of recovery from an anxiety disorder. Recovery is spearheaded by behavioral change but that behavioral change also has to foster an attitudinal shift that moves you from trying to eliminate your anxiety to a consistent intentional tolerance of discomfort that will teach you that you can handle anxiety and don't have to fear it any longer. That's a key step toward decreasing your anxiety levels over time and a shift in attitude is important in this respect.

You'll also hear both Josh and Drew have realizations about the missing attitudinal shift that kept both of them stuck in the early stages of recovery. The guys both come to the conclusion that the "relapses" they experienced were based primarily on relying on technique without allowing that important shift in attitude.

If you're feeling like you're constantly being pulled back to "square one" this might resonate with you.


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